Welcome to my world

I am an Italian-American communication specialist with a background in filmmaking, video editing, and choreography.

My life revolves around images, words, and dance.

I love creativity all around. I try to stick with open-minded people, good food and traveling whenever I can.

I am a multitasker and a problem-solver who’s also a bit bossy and meteoropathic (sun and sea are my medicine).


I was born in the US and raised between the States and Italy, in a crazy Italian-American family.

I wanted to be a lawyer and/or a singer (…) but then I casually stumbled in film, dance, and stories and it was love at first sight.

I studied dance and communication in Italy and then flew to NYC to study filmmaking. In the States I’ve directed more than 30 videos and contemporarily collaborated with renown artists such as Choreographer “Rachel Bress” (Mamma mia, West side story, Wicked on Broadway), Choreographer/Director “Wes Veldink” (Dancer for Michael Jackson, Ani di Franco, Choreographer for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Country Strong) and top of the line dancers.

At the same time, after many years of training as an assistant director, assistant choreographer, and hip hop dancer in 2008 I direct my first dance show “Now I can Fly” in collaboration with Artistic Director “Alessandra Rimonti”.
Soon after the R.A.C.E. Dance Company was born.

In 2017 I came back to Italy to undertake new professional adventures and I started exploiting my double mindset to help Italian and American companies communicate better in the other language.

Now I carry on my creative activities with the RACE DANCE COMPANY and at the same time I am freelance language localization specialist, digital PR, copywriter, and ADV producer. Amongst my latest clients in this field:  Viralbeat Pasta Zara, Alfano, and Robin J Thieme Productions.


I usually start with a story.

Whether it’s a choreography or a social media strategy, a story is always a good place to start.

Once I picture a story in my head, the rest will come…

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I work everywhere. I just need my mac, good Wi-Fi, a window with the sun and a good cup of coffee!

Write me an email to discuss ideas 😉